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Brit Writers’ Awards 2011

The Brit Writers’ Awards is a major competition with a massive £10,000 prize for the eventual winner and it’s principally aimed at unpublished writers. It promises a glittering awards ceremony for the finalists which will be attended by major publishing houses, celebrities and international media representatives.

The entries will be judged in 8 different categories:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Non-fiction
  • Stories for children
  • Songwriting
  • Stage/screenplay
  • Published writer of the year 

Tempted by the size of the prize fund and the description of the awards ceremony I entered this competition last year (its inaugural year). I was disappointed with it on several counts:

  • From the beginning I was sent emails trying to sell me tickets to the awards ceremony
  • The closing date for entries was extended (which doesn’t seem fair to those of us who had worked and submitted to the original date)
  • The announcement of the results was postponed more than once
  • Postings on the Writers’ News Talkback Forum indicated that the awards ceremony was disappointing

When I saw the announcement of the 2011 awards I decided that my grumbles might just be down to teething problems in the competition’s first year and, since Writers’ News subscribers qualify for free entry, it might be worth giving it another go (especially since there is no set theme and therefore I could choose one of my existing stories to send in). 

Then I read that Writers’ News/Writing Magazine have withdrawn their association with the Brit Writers’ Awards because they were ‘increasingly concerned at Brit Writers’ development into a financial operation’. apparently they have introduced something called ‘Your Book Your Way’, a paid scheme that helps authors self-publish but using partners approved of by Brit Writers. They are also behind the ‘Publishing Programme’ that offers 15 writers a year’s editorial development and guaranteed publication – at a cost of £1,795 per participant.

So now I’m not so sure about entering. Has anyone else any experience of this competition? Do you plan on entering this year?

The Brit Writers’ Awards are a big step up from my claim to fame this week – a letter in the Jan/Feb issue of Tesco Magazine and it wasn’t even the star letter so I didn’t get my hands on the prize of a weekend break in London. But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again – so I’ve just whizzed off another one to them. For some hints on writing letters for publication click here and for my free prize draw click here.