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Notes From A Big Country by Bill Bryson

If you want to learn the art of writing humour based on everyday life, this is the book to read.Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson

It’s also the first book by Bill Bryson that I’ve ever read. It came into my hands not through choice but because members of the library reading group that I coordinate requested something by Bill Bryson.

Notes from a Big Country is a collection of Bill’s columns about life in America that appeared in the Mail on Sunday‘s Night & Day Magazine in the late 90s. Despite being twenty years old the topics addressed are still interesting today, things such as the death penalty, Americans driving everywhere instead of walking, the devastating effect of a skunk spraying in your home, the history of diners (they came in prefabricated kits on the back of lorries) and how low key Christmas is in the US compared to here.

Bill Bryson has a wonderful turn of phrase and this quote made me smile in particular: My father, who like all dads sometimes seemed to be practising for a world’s most boring man competition.

I read the book straight through from start to finish because of our looming reading group meeting but I would advise others to dip in and out so that each column can be savoured like a favourite chocolate.

I had another American connection this week when I was congratulated on Twitter for my article in the Washington Post.  Unfortunately I had to be honest and admit to never having written for the Washington Post and explain that the article was probably written by my doppelganger, the US sports writer Sally Jenkins.  This is the second time I’ve been mistaken for my more famous counterpart. A couple of years ago I was contacted by someone who wanted help with their autobiography following ‘my’ success ghosting Lance Armstong’s It’s Not About the Bike. Perhaps one day the US Sally Jenkins will be mistaken for me!

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FBFT Sports Writing Competition 2012

Don’t panic – this is not a competition for a kick by kick account of a football match or an in-depth account of an athletics

A football striker wearing the number 10 shirt...

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meeting. FreeBetsFreeTips, the organisers, are happy to accept prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction. And it’s free entry – so no excuse not to have a go.

The prizes are £50, £30 and £20 plus publication on the Free Bets Free Tips website. Word count is 1500. You can write about any subject as long as it relates to sport. The organisers are looking for something exciting, original or even abstract.

Closing date is 13th May 2012 and last year’s winning entries can be read here.

By the way, if you Google ‘Sally Jenkins’ you will discover the Wikipedia entry for an American sports writer. Amongst many other things she wrote cyclist, Lance Armstrong‘s story – ‘It’s not About the Bike‘.

Maybe I should enter this competition and see if I can emulate my namesake’s success in this field…

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