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The Writers’ Toolkit 2011

Stuart Maconie

Image by Lancashire County Council via Flickr

‘Write often, to a deadline and with an audience in mind. Have something of the marketer about you.’

This was the advice of writer and broadcaster, Stuart Maconie (pictured), in his keynote address at The Writers’ Toolkit 2011, held in Birmingham last week. He went on to tell us that the mastery of words is power and we should be proud to say ‘I am a writer’.

It was a full day of panel discussions and chances to chat to other writers. I found the session on ‘Networking as a Writer’ the most interesting and I came away with several scribbled notes about how to do this (both on-line and in real life):

  •  Be generous – help those who can’t possibly help you. It will be remembered and what goes around comes around. Share things that might benefit others – don’t see them as your rivals.
  • If it feels like networking then you’re doing it wrong or trying too hard. It should feel like a conversation, not a sales pitch.
  • Don’t vent your feelings online no matter how badly you feel you’ve been treated – cyberspace is a big place and you never know who might be reading.
  • Become part of the real and virtual community. Join or start reading/writing groups and classes. Do book reviews on your blog & approach other writers to ask if they’d like you to review their book.
  • Don’t limit yourself to writing events – attend other types of conferences and look at different types of blogs.
  • Leave intelligent comments on the blogs of others to make people curious enough to have a look at you. 
  • Listen to what others have to say – don’t just sell yourself all the time.
  • Be genuine and approachable 

The event was organised by Writing West Midlands.

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