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Win a One Day Writing Workshop

What does the word SHINE mean to you?

I’ve been having a little brainstorming session because I fancy entering this FREE competition. It’s organised by the Reading Agency¬†and the winning ten entries will be invited to London for a workshop with Joanna Rees. Twenty shortlisted entries will win a copy of The Key to It All by Joanna.

The brief is to write 1500 words of original fiction on the theme SHINE.

So what ideas did I come up with?

  • Sunshine
  • Shining & polishing the furniture (an OCD cleaner perhaps?)
  • Shining as in ‘being the best’ (for example shining at school)
  • Moonshine (possible fairy/fantasy story?)
  • A shiny piece of jewellery or metal

But none of the above immediately forms the basis of a story for me.

What about you? Any better ideas?

We need to be quick, the closing date is 31st July 2014. Entries should be submitted by email to


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