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World Book Night 2012 – Be a Giver

Do you fancy enticing people who don’t read for pleasure to open a novel and give it a try?

Applications are now open for those who would like to be a ‘giver’ on World Book Night 2012.

This entails distributing 24 copies of your chosen book (selected from a list of 25) to people who read very little. 20,000 givers are needed on April 23rd 2012. Givers must be over 16 and able to collect the 24 books from their local library/bookshop. The closing date for applications is December 31st 2011.

To apply click here. You must state where, to whom and why you want to give the books away.

A wide range of books are available to give, including Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief and The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. The full list is here.

I would choose to give The Book Thief but I’m still thinking about where I would hand them out. I’d want to be sure of finding people who don’t currently read much but who would appreciate the book and at least give it a proper try.

Encouraging more people to read books has to be a good thing for the publishing industry and thus, in turn, a good thing for all us writers who would like to see our work in print.

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World Book Night Books Have A New Home

The draw has been made and my World Book Night books now have a new home. I will be posting them off to Dorinda Cass in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Dorinda says about herself:

I am about to start the final year of a BA(Hons) degree in Creative Writing at the University of Hull. For the degree I have done all different types of writing including plays, short stories, poetry. Next year I will be concentrating on one of my favourites – either short stories or novel. I am just starting to write with publication in mind. I have been a member of Scarborough Writers’ Circle for five years and, for my sins, I am now the treasurer of the group! We have a website at: and anyone interested in writing is welcome to come along.

I hope you enjoy the books, Dorinda!

I also want to give a mention to two fellow bloggers:

  • Bev Morley is giving her blog a makeover and is looking for guest book reviewers – so pay her a visit if you’ve read a good book recently.
  • I had intended to award Mel Hammond a Versatile Blogger Award but unfortunately she didn’t get my message about it in time for me to include her in my original post. So this is a belated mention for her!

Finally I have a couple of small successes to report (which go some way towards making up for rejections from The Oldie and The Weekly News):


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Passing on World Book Night 2011 Books

Regular readers of this blog will know that I attended a World Book Night event in Birmingham back in March. Several different books had editions specially printed to be given away on World Book Night (there were one million volumes in total). At the back of each book it states:
“Once you have read it, please pass the book on to someone else.”World Book Night Books

So, now I intend to send the books I received on the next stage in their journey and I’d like them to go to a subscriber to this blog. 

The books are:

I will choose the lucky recipient by picking a name on June 1st from everyone on my email subscription list as at midnight May 31st.

If you are an existing email subscriber to this blog then you will be automatically entered into the draw to receive the 3 books. If you are not an existing email subscriber and would like to be in the draw for the books, please use the box on the right-handside of the screen to register for an email subscription – it is free of charge and you can un-subscribe at any time.

If the winner has anything writing-related that they wish to promote then I will also give that a mention when I announce the winner.

The winner will be contacted by email to obtain their postal address – if I get no reply within 14 days then I will draw another winner. The winner must have a UK postal address.

I’m looking forward to sending the books on their way!

P.S. The World Book Night event will be repeated again in 2012 but the date will be moved to 23rd April – the international day for celebrating books.

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World Book Night

Saturday 5th March was World Book Night. It’s purpose was to celebrate great writing, the power of books and the pleasure of reading. To help achieve this 40,000 copies each of 25 books were specially printed to be given away free to the general public. That’s one million extra books put into circulation. It’s hoped that these books will be read, enjoyed and then passed on or shared with others. The titles given away covered a wide range of tastes and included Killing Floor by Lee Child, Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes and Case Histories by Kate Atkinson.

I went to a special event at the Birmingham Library Theatre to mark the occasion. It featured a discussion on reading and writing between authors Mike Gayle (My Legendary Girlfriend), Catherine O’Flynn (What was Lost) and RJ Ellory (A Quiet Belief in Angels).  The three writers covered many topics.

Mike told us how a light went on in his head when he came across Adrian Mole as a teenager. Here was a character with whom he totally identified and it was at this point that Mike began to realise the power that words could wield.

Catherine described her childhood longing to be a detective, fuelled by an Usborne book she was given as a youngster that was filled with advice on clues and suspects and methods of detection. She took to sitting outside her local bank and noting down car registration plates in case there was ever a big robbery – to her disappointment there never was.

Roger Ellory told us about a favourite book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This is based on the true story of the 1959 murder of a family in Holcomb, Kansas. Capote was a friend of To Kill a Mockingbird author, Harper Lee and she went with him to Holcomb to dig out the story behind the murders. Apparently, there is a theory that both of these books were written as a collaboration between the two authors and each put their name to one book. They both became bestsellers and neither writer ever published anything else.

Everyone at Saturday’s event went home with free books to read and pass on. I received Seamus Heaney’s New Selected Poems 1966 – 1987. This is not a book I would ever have chosen myself  but maybe that was the purpose of World Book Night – to encourage those that never read to pick up a book and to push enthusiastic readers into trying something more challenging. I’m going to give it a go!

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