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Equestrian Short Story Competition

Firstly, I must thank Nick Daws for bringing this competition to my attention in his regular newsletterSally Jenkins - Leaden Boot Challenge

The Equestrian Short Story Competition 2014 is a good one to enter if you’re trying to get break into horse-based fiction. But be aware that the publicity and exposure will be worth more than the actual prize.

The competition is looking for, ” … stories that have an equestrian background rather than solely about just being a horse. Maybe a crime novel set in the horse world or perhaps a fantasy novel or an equestrian Harry Potter? How about an equestrian romance which is ideal for the Jilly Cooper addicts!”

The winner’s story will be published as an e-book with the profit from sales going to World Horse Welfare. The winner will also get a Haynet logo hoody.

Two runners up will get their stories published on Haynet and Lavender & White Equestrian Publishing websites.

Word limit is 6,000 words plus a 500 word synopsis. Entry is by email and the closing date is 11th August 2014.

Please check all the terms and conditions before entering.

And if you’re wondering what the photo has to do with the competition – absolutely nothing!

This is me after walking 26 miles, up and down dale (and steep hills!), in the Peak District on Sunday as part of the Leaden Boot Challenge. I look happy because I’ve finally finished (and just eaten a massive plate of pie and peas). But the pain kicked in on Monday morning and I’ve been hobbling around with sore muscles and blistered feet since then.

Any sort of physical challenge like this reminds me of writing, i.e. actually doing it is hard work and not always enjoyable. But that feeling of having completed a challenge or having written something, can’t be beaten!
Do you understand where I’m coming from?

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