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Mature Times and Yours

I picked up a copy of Mature Times in the library this week. This is a free monthly publication aimed at retired people of both sexes and this edition (February 2012) contains the following announcement, which may be of interest to anyone writing poetry:

From next month, Mature Times will publish a reader’s poem in our Poem of the Month competition. Entries will be judged by our literary critic, Jacky Edgell, and the winner will receive a Mature Times pen set. Please submit your poem to; Poem of the Month Competition, Mature Times, Highwood House, Winters Lane, Redhill, Bristol BS40 5SH or email:

I also bought a copy of Yours magazine. This is a fortnightly publication, again aimed at older people and I guess more women read it than men. Usually it carries one short story per issue but this one (Feb 21 –  Mar 5 2012) contains two stories, and one of those is the first instalment of a two-part story. This may be a one-off or it may be an indication that Yours is going to start carrying more fiction, including short serials. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the latter! 

Finally, talking of serials, I won the competition on Womag’s blog to write the first 200 words of a crime serial!! Geraldine Ryan was the judge and provided the prize – a copy of her new book, Leave Over. This book contains two (previously published) complete serials, so I’m looking forward to reading it and maybe picking up some tips.

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Opportunities in Yours magazine

Yours is a fortnightly lifestyle magazine targeting women aged 55+ and offers several slots for getting into print:Yours magazine

  • Your Memories – send in ‘an amazing story’ (no more than 1000 words) from your past plus photos for a chance to earn £100.
  • Travel – send a 300 word review of your holiday plus a picture with you in it. Each story printed receives £50.
  • Grandkids Gallery – send in a photo of your grandchild or something funny that they’ve said. All those printed receive a £10 High Street voucher 
  • Meeting Place – this is described as ‘the heart of the magazine’ and welcomes funny stories, rants and photos.  Every contribution featured gets a £10 High Street voucher and the Star letter gets £25. 
  • I followed my dream – £25 for 200 words 
  • Amazing at 80+ – £25 for 200 words plus a photo
  • Fashion we wore – send in your picture of fashion from the past plus 60 words describing it for a £10 High Street voucher.
  • Short story – the magazine uses one short story per issue. The guidelines are on the magazine’s website here.
  • Nostalgia features –  up to 1000 words. The guidelines are on the magazine’s website here.

  Remember to study a few issues of the magazine in order to get a feel for the style before sending anything in and don’t expect a fast turnaround for anything you submit – Yours receives around 1500 letters and emails every fortnight and asks fiction and feature writers to allow 6 months before chasing their submissions.

Yours also publishes a hardback annual in the run up to Christmas and a short story which I submitted to the magazine a few years ago was eventually selected for publication in the annual instead, so there appears to be some crossover between the two publications.

Good Luck!