Win a Kindle, Kobo or Book Tokens

Following on from my last post – my Kobo e-reader prize has arrived and has turned out to be more of an android tablet rather than a simple e-reader. It is the Vox model and has lots more functionality than I expected, so what choice did I have but to keep both it and the Kindle?

I find the Kindle easier on the eye for sustained periods of reading and it has a longer battery life. But the Kobo will drag me into the world of tablets and Apps – something I’ve had no experience of until now.

The first App I downloaded was A Quick Read (as mentioned in this month’s Writers’ News), which is a collection of short stories for reading on the move. Have a look at the website for how to submit your own stories for inclusion.

I’ve rooted out some prize draws if you’d like to win your own e-reader or some good old-fashioned book tokens:

  • For the chance to win a Kindle Fire, click here 
  • For the chance to win WH Smith vouchers that can be used to buy a Kobo, click here
  • For the chance to win some Book Tokens, click here.

Good Luck!

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  1. #1 by jakill on November 5, 2012 - 9:51 am

    Many thanks Sally. I’ve forgone the gadgets and entered for book tokens.

  2. #3 by Linda on November 5, 2012 - 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the links, Sally!
    I’m still undecided about ebooks but a free Kindle or Kobo might convert me 🙂

    • #4 by Sally Jenkins on November 5, 2012 - 1:14 pm

      Linda, I find that I now read a combination of e-books and ‘real’ books. So an e-reader doesn’t mean you have to forsake books completely.

  3. #5 by Tracy Fells on November 5, 2012 - 2:16 pm

    Thanks Sally – I’ve had a go at winning the new Kindle fire. Saw these in Waterstones at w/e and they do look tempting.

  4. #7 by Patsy on November 5, 2012 - 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the links.

  5. #8 by susanjanejones on November 5, 2012 - 6:02 pm

    Thanks for the links Sally.

  6. #9 by Christine Howe on November 6, 2012 - 10:24 am

    Many thanks, Sally. I’ve gone for the vouchers. My Kindle is almost two years old and I still love reading on it, although have not abandoned print.

    • #10 by Sally Jenkins on November 6, 2012 - 1:06 pm

      Christine, I went for the vouchers too – already having a Kindle and a Kobo now.

  7. #11 by Debbie W on November 6, 2012 - 10:42 am

    Thanks for the links, Sally, much appreciated.

  8. #13 by Joanne Fox on November 7, 2012 - 12:00 pm

    I’m really going to have to get to grips with these newfangled inventions! Thanks for the competition info.

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